Remote Support

Welcome to the Remote Support site. This service will allow a support technician to access your device remotely and perform any necessary updates, maintenance, or service while you are on the phone.

Getting Started

Select the name of the ITS Service Center representative with whom you are currently speaking in the Representatives box. If you are not currently working with a support representative, please contact the Service Center at 734-764-HELP (764-4357).

Alternatively, if the representative supplies you with a Session Key, enter it in the box with that label and select Submit.

Representatives Show Representatives Help Window

46 - Suzanne Sorter
59 - Elyse
127 - matbonam
152 - kathyb
306 - tahel
313 - Shannon
370 - David Chambers*
380 - Rodney
393 - Alison*
403 - Dmitri L.
457 - tommycoe
460 - Catherine
479 - Brandon
522 - cfmcdona

Session Key Show Session Key  Help Window